Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza

I'm lucky to live in NYC where they have amazing gluten-free options for pizza, including Mozzarelli's (with great cookies too!), Pie by the Pound (just had a great meetup there!) and even random places like Pizza Bash (near my office in Union Square).  Side note on this place - we were working late setting up for an event in our office and someone mentioned they ordered pizza.  Which normally for me meant I need to leave and eat at home.  And then I heard - no, I think they ordered GF for you.  I was shocked but yes - a gluten-free pizza was delivered to me and it was pretty good!

But I point in writing this piece was to applaud Glutino for providing great options for gluten-free pizza like this Spinach and Feta cheese pizza I had today for lunch while recovering from a cold.

It is super easy to make, has mass distribution (I can usually find this at Whole Foods, Fairway, and in both NY and other cities like Florida and Milwaukee), and tastes great!

For a quick fix meal this is a great option.  Thanks Glutino!!

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